God is everything


Gods love

God is Holy,righteous ,just and also loving. He loves us soo much to give us his only son to save us. Everything that we ask He does it not because we deserve it but because of his love. 

His love is so great above everything and no matter what we’ve done or who we are He just loves us. Until we understand his love,we will never know Him, His purpose for us, what He has done and will do to our lives, trust him,have joy in us and obey him. Let it be our prayer to understand His love

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True joy in Christ

Each day we do things and when we succeed we become so happy and feel joyful but if not we are filled with sadness and it even breaks us. This leads me to ask the question what is the source of our joy? 

If the source of your joy becomes your success then probably their will be more times of sorrow than of  your joy. 

Real joy is only found in Christ. No other place, no one can give you joy or fulfill the desires of your heart. Only Christ and to Him is the only assured hope and true love….

#jesus the assured joy

Kingdom and its righteousness 

Mathew 6:33 seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness and all the rest will be added to you as well. The words of Jesus when he was teaching about worrying about tomorrow.

As Christians we always seek the kingdom of God and forget to also seek its righteousness . we should also remember its righteousness and the Bible is there to guide us always


Letting go and letting God

One of the most painful experiences  in the lifetime of a human is heartbreaks. They can take days, weeks,months,years and others don’t even heal at all. But taken the next step after the heartbreak will determine alot of things.

Its more painful if you devoted your life and trust to that person. Everything has a solution i believe so but only in Christ. Jesus said that we should cast all our burdens to him and he shall give us rest(mathew 11:28-29). If only we can take to him all the broken pieces of our hearts and lives then he will absolutely heal us.

But what do we mostly do? Hide some parts and let go of others. By this we shall never totally heal. God has the power over everything and he alone can heal our every situation no matter how ugly and worse it looks on humanly eyes He can and thats why He alone is God



Relationship things

Today was thinking of how matters of relationships end by the sunset and others start with the next sunrise. We read books, ask the experts, seek advice from friends whose theirs have worked and practise whatever we have been told forgetting that people are different. The next day we fight with our partners and blame them but instead we are the reason for it all. Matters of the heart are crucial and sensitive and don’t have a formula or steps to follow. Just be you and lead your relationship your own way


Relationship thoughts

So many relationships fail not because there is no love but because women have a fur much different psychology to men and this affects their understanding and perception to all things.

How a relationship is run depends on a lot of things and also the people themselves. I have observed and concluded on some facts on relationship that women ought to consider.

First, that guy should only come into your life and give you bonus marks but not complete it. When you were single you were happy and had a life and until you maintain your life nothing will seem to work.

Secondly, never expect too much from him. When you first dated he was soo charming,always texting, calling but now its the reverse. He doesn’t call, text and he even delays  or even don’t reply when you text. Remember that guys live by the rule out of sight, out of mind. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you but its just who they are. Don’t nag all the time or complain cz that will make them flee away. Update him on how you are and live your life. And remember always that its not a guarante for him to contact you back

Lastly, don’t force things. Many women push things a lot and this can make them fear or even flee. Just have the long term goals together and update them frequently to ensure you both are sailing on the same boat. Lastly always remember to pray for your boyfriend, fiance or spouse.

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